7 Tips for Online Shopping Safety-

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We all love to buy online, first of all, because of the variety of options that stores publish on their websites and, the best thing is that we can do it from the comfort of our homes without having to move to a physical store, it is I mean, we can even buy Pajamas!

So, do you still feel suspicious about entering our website and buying any of our products? Next, we will show you 7 tips to make a safe online purchase, not only within our website, but so that you know how you can buy online safely, and thus avoid problems or scams in the future.

Use a secure internet network

Beyond entering a famous or highly recommended web page, you need to check if you are connected to a secure internet network before proceeding to payment. We know that it is comfortable and easy to surf the internet from any public network in bars, shopping centers, or stores, but the security level of these networks is very low, so you would be prone to be hacked by a cyber-criminal. Another important section is to verify if the web page where you want to buy has an adequate level of security, mainly you should check if next to the URL of the site there is an icon of a padlock, which, if it has one, will show that the online store It has a security certificate and you can make the purchase without running any risk.

After you have verified the above, you must make sure if the online store you chose to make your purchases is reliable. To do this you must investigate it, look for opinions on social networks, comments on the products they offer, read their privacy policy.

Look at the available payment methods.

When making any purchase online, you must verify the available payment methods that the stores have for you. There are several options, which are the most recommended, which allow you to have a money-back guarantee. You also have to keep in mind that reliable and secure pages have several payment methods available, not just one. If the page gives you the option to pay through PayPal, do not hesitate to do so, as this is one of the best options, since PayPal allows you to request a refund of the money, in such a case that the product does not arrive or that the website is a scam. In addition to this, you will avoid sharing your credit card information with the page, since everything will be through PayPal.

Create a secure account on the website you want to buy

Once you have gone through the entire web page, you have selected the products you want to buy and added them to the shopping cart, all secure stores will force you to create a personal account on the web, through which you can track the purchase and shipping, as well as being able to contact the technical support of the store if you have any questions regarding the products or, due to any kind of problem with your order. When creating this account, do it safely, you must correctly enter your data. And, the most important thing is to create a strong password. It is not recommended that, in stores where you have your bank information registered, you use the same passwords as in your email accounts or social networks, so you should invent a secure password and write it down so that you do not forget it.

Keep your device updated

Keeping the device through which you will connect to the internet and make your different purchases up-to-date is essential to avoid any information leakage. Be it a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer, you must keep the software updated since generally the most recent updates of the devices tend to strengthen the team against any security hole or any privacy problem, it is, For this reason, the manufacturers of this software regularly update the security patches of their software. Not only must you have the operating system of your phone, tablet, or computer updated, you must also have the applications you use to make purchases updated since a failure in them could cause your data to be stolen or that a hacker or cybercriminal can take Control your computer and use it at your complete disposal.

Although it is not strictly necessary and mandatory, we recommend that you install an antivirus or some other tool that is capable of detecting, eliminating, and protecting you against any threat if you have entered a fraudulent web page, that is why an antivirus could detect in your phone, tablet or computer if you have malware that could lead to some kind of scam in your purchases, or worse, could steal your bank details.


Be wary of misleading offers that arrive in the mail

You have likely heard the term that there are people sending emails to impersonate your identity, these are fraudulent emails sent with the sole intention of stealing a person’s data. This usually happens more than everything in seasons where people make more purchases in the year, for example, at Christmas or on Black Friday, these emails reach your inbox and ask you to act quickly by entering a link they send, placing their personal information and claim to have a gift or a high percentage discount on the purchase if they do so immediately. Currently, there are also fake applications created by computer scientists for the same purpose, the theft of personal data. That is why you should check the background of the

application you are going to use, see the reviews of other people. A key point to identify a fraudulent application is the bad wording of the description of the application in question, so before doing anything, and even before downloading it, check the description of it. We all know that there are endless offers on the internet, but you have to always be very suspicious, especially when you see an offer that is too striking, such as, for example, if there is a price difference between one website and another. If a designer dress, which is worth $ 900 on one page and $ 100 on another, it does not seem very reliable. There are always exceptions in times of sale but do not get carried away or fall into a trap without first checking the reliability of the pages


Check if the product is news.


You must be careful when getting offers on a website, whether it is a famous page or not, an attractive or normal offer. You always have to read the description of the item before buying it. Whether they are electronic products or clothing, most of the time the items that you more or less know the price and, you get in “sale” on a website, are generally second-hand used products. It is fine if you have no problem with it since many of us also buy this type of clothing, but, in the same way, you must be very careful with this so that you do not get a terrible surprise just for not reading the description of the product.

There are companies like that offer a service for the sale of products that are not used but are returned by customers after buying them, that is, they do not have their original boxes, bags, or labels, but they are new products, that is why it is It is essential to read the descriptions of everything we want to buy.

Check your bank accounts and credit cards

This section is essential during and after having made a purchase. You must verify that what they have charged you is what they said on the website. You should also be attentive to the charges that providers charge and if you do not recognize them, immediately call your bank to report this problem to cancel and request a refund. If you were the victim of fraud, don’t worry, most credit cards will issue an immediate refund after detecting that you were the victim of theft by a store, a page, or any other electronic financial crime.

NOTE: Each person is responsible for their actions online, this book is
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